BTC Mining

With the 65% from minting from the community collection 1.0, we will be able to buy a piece land or small warehouse and grab a lot of fresh miners, cooling or equipment's and containers
With mining for the first collection we plan to have 25% going to the holders / community + 10% going to monthly exclusive giveaways for holders which we will host! 10% will be going to the homeless shelters. 30% will be going to fees, expenses / bills to keep everything running and pumping. The rest we will be reinvesting a small portion to continue our marketing run + grab more miners to get our profits higher! (collection 2.0 will contribute to this in the future and continue to grow the farm. So do not miss out on our first!)
We will have a number breakdown for each miners profits and will be posting every update we get in the BTC Mining channel. We want you to know decent profits will be a longer process than usual but it will be certainly worth it for long term holders. We plan to grow this farm as fast as we can by reinvesting all profits including secondary sales monthly until collection 2.0 comes out. We want to build and work on this for years to come. We want to have thousands of BTC miners that it will make the community hundreds if not millions a month total divided to the community will be couple a hundred a month. We will be 100% transparent and will have weekly updates / pictures of our farm and how it is going. The profits will change in the communities favor when we have built a big enough warehouse with lots of miners we will be raising 25% to the holders to 35% when we felt we have built a big enough bitcoin farm to benefits all of the community



With all of our Miners we aim to consistently mine BTC each month with it only increasing from reinvesting to grab more monthly + giving 10% to homeless shelters and the conversion above to the community. A lot of factors dictate how much BTC is mined each day. Here are some links to help you understand mining difficulty.

Every miner we get will have 198 TH/S per miner - to see daily, weekly and monthly projections, multiply 198 x how many miners we get with 5445W in the section + 90-95% POOL depending on the pool.


How many miners will come with collection 1.0?

We hope to sell out and bring in 70-75 Miners for the first collection which you can do the math above! With secondary market royalties and the mining profits we aim and hope to increase 10-15 miners for the first few months then grabbing more and more as the months go by Which miners are we going to be using? ANTMINER S19+ PRO + HYRDO Miners will be updating every couple of years and we plan to upgrade with them by our profits we have already included in our break down but for now we are using ANTMINER S19+ PRO+ HYDRO 198 TH/S - Per Miner with 5445 W + 90-95% pool (may change as months for by).