Charity and giving

10% of every proceeds including secondary market and our btc-mining will be donated and going to homeless shelters or anything related monthly this channel will be used to update monthly of where the cheque and donation be going to with proof and details. We also will plan some of the months to change homeless people lives that we will find locally around the world from our mods, admins or founders... We will use the 10% we have accumulated from the month and prepare a change for them and take the community on a journey to change their lives. This will include a place to stay, helping him to find a stable job to get on the right tracks! We Will Fly To You To Help.
We will also bring the community to get involved + take any suggestions people you know around the area or known your whole life that is trying to get on their feet but fall under the wrong circumstances cant break through! Any city, anywhere, we are HERE for them with the strength of this community. With the 10s of thousands of dollars per month we would clean them up and get them a job with a place to stay for a few months to get things going, while also rewarding the holder that has helped us achieve such a goal! This will include money, prizes, paid vacations and more! Anything related we would love to help and connect especially if it is with the community