On The Streetz

On The Streetz is the first limited Ethereum collection allowing bitcoin rewards from dynamic project mining.

Who are on the streetz

A collection of 5000 (+ 10000 from collection 2.0 when released) that will be donating 10% ofall proceeds including secondary market and other profits like our BTC Mining to homeless shelters and more!We plan to focus on making and growing the largest BTC farm we can make to make bigger profits for the community and to help one of the leading global issues: Homeless / Poverty. Reinvesting all profits monthly back into grabbing more miners and up to date onesWe will have other utilities that will be added like merch, half off collection 2.0 and much more
OnTheStreetz is committed to keeping the community as updated as possible. As such please check out our discord for more indepth knowledge around roadmap and milestones.

From the streetz to the mines

On the streetz is committed to helping as many community members as possible. One way the project is planning to enhance the lives of holders is with committed Bitcoin mining rewards. Using large portions of the mint revenue the project will purchase amounts of large with the aim of profit-sharing based mining. Land, Hardware and infostructure will be set up with the intent of regular payouts from the mining.
Early supports will receive higher payouts for there continued support however all tokens will be subject to mining payouts.


A large part of the project including the art comes from our need to help those less fortunate. In January 2020, there were 580,466  people experiencing homelessness in America.With this in mind, we are proud to donate an ongoing 10% of secondary market income revenue and btc mining profits to registered homeless shelters.

collection 2

We will be releasing collection 2.0 with a supply of 10000. It will be listed a little higher price than collection 1.0 but will have similar benefits but will earn little less from the BTC miners than collection 1.0. More info to this when we get closer to having our BTC mining fully functional and running. Just know we plan to use everything from this collection + all secondary market that comes collection 1.0 and 2 to buy as much miners to have the largest farm possible by our funds and reinvestment. Thus making the best stable and passive income BITCOIN

Meet the team


Canada BC

I will make sure everything is running smooth A to Z. This includes Marketing and helping GermanDude602 with anything he needs running the team for the BTC mine that will be our main utility. Will also be engaging with the community in every way and hosting many events + games to connect with the Streetz Family. Many more things to come with endless possibilities. If you know you know #TeamNoSleep


Canada BC

Everything marketing… I have been working with social media platforms for marketing since I was 16 years young and also have experience with Google SEO for 3. I will manage the twitter and SEO for the website ranking + other ways to  bring the exposure needed with the help of the team we hired. We will make a change in the Streetz and bring the light to the community.


Canada BC

Hey it's Germandude602 here! Let me share some details about myself with you all. I am a German/American and a father of four, a husband, a manager, a hobby streamer, and am driven by persistence. The BRAINS + Operating the psychical part of BTC Mining. I bring with me a wealth of business management experience. I will be handling the physical parts of the acquisition of land, equipment, and energy sourcing.